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HomePage Maker

HomePage Maker

Most of the browsers do not offer any options to customize their home page and adding user defined links. Homepage Maker, a freeware application that allows you to customize your browser home page


  • Creates a homepage that displays cool glass thumbnails of your favorite sites
  • Can add up to 18 custom links and their favicon
  • Can display color or image for background
  • Can Customize font, color and size in browser
  • Can display a search box in home page (can choose Bing, Google or Yahoo)
  • Do not require installation


#1 Download Home Page Maker from

Mirror 1

Mirror 2

#2 Unzip the downloaded file

For unzip you can use WinRAR or 7zip

#3 Double-click the Homepage Maker v1.exe

Run the file

#4 To add a web site

Enter a name for the site in the Enter a Name to display edit box and enter the URL for the website in the Choose or Enter a URL edit box. Click add. You can add up to 18 URLs.

#5 Select your Background

You can use a solid color for a background (Use Background Color) or you can select your own image for the background (Use Background Image). If you choose to use your own background image, click the Browse button and select the Image.

#6 View the list of websites by clicking the View List button

The URL List dialog box displays. If you want to remove a website from the list, click the red X to the right of that website. You can also clear the entire list by clicking the Clear All button at the bottom of the dialog box.

#7 Select Font type, Size, Color and search box

#8 Select Set Internet Explorer Homepage check box and click create

#9 Now Your homepage displays on the internet explorer, with your custom links and your chosen search engine box.


For Firefox, Google chrome and Opera Follow the Instructions

#1 To set the homepage in Firefox/Chrome/Opera, open Firefox and select Options from the Tools menu.

#2 Locate Homepage.htm

The generated homepage HTML file (Homepage.htm) is created in the Homepage Maker directory in the Webpage Files sub-directory.

#3  Paste the full path to the Homepage.htm file in the Home Page edit box. Click OK to close the Options dialog box

#4 To test your new, custom homepage, click the Home button

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