Change the software of idea netsetter

By Following steps below you can change the software of idea netsetter .

1.To change the software you have to download a software called Dashboard update.

you can download the software from the following link

2.Uncompress  the file and open the dashboard update file

You will see a window showing the agreement

Change software of idea netsetter - agreement

3.Then press next.

Then you will see a new window indicating that you are updating the software.

Change software of idea netsetter- information

3.Press next

Then you will see a warning message

4.Press next and complete updating.

Watch the video that shows how the update takes place

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  2. racehunter says:


  3. racehunter says:

    try cheyyam

  4. Krishna says:

    im not able to make calls aftr updatin the application …..pls hep

  5. Krishna says:

    reply plzzz ……..waiting .,,

  6. Pranay Moluguri says:

    i hav unlocked my 3g netsetter, but cant i install any software of mine in it ??

  7. anes says:

    can we change the software of idea net seetter to tata photon,or reliance net connect or mts … we changed t the mobile partner …..

  8. Asif says:

    i want idea orginal dashboard for e1550 3g netsetter
    please help me

  9. Vishnu says:

    i want original idea utps…

  10. DINURAJ P says:

    Hi Kiran

    Thanks for the method showing to unlock my 2g netsetter.Once this is unlocked how it has to be used ie:i am having a idea 3g sim how can i connect to internet what all settings has to be done?Please sent a reply to my mail id

  11. ajil says:

    sir please helpmmme…ihave eg162g.suddenty speed decreased to 2kb from 18-22kb

  12. Mahesh M S says:

    Hai, I have the new Idea netsetter. It is Huawei E1732
    Can I Unlock this…
    Is there any solutions…
    Help me..
    Thanks in advance…

  13. midhun says:

    my net setter is locked due to change sim card without unlocking it…
    now what i can do for using it…????

  14. mohan sharma says:

    why u all change firmware/software to/from netsetter.. just install vcell 3g data card modem software to ur pc(not to modem).. and have a fun.. using this software u can use bsnl model,docomo modem,idea modem with all sim cards without changing any software in modem…. no thankx plz….

    • kiran says:

      The device is a mobile device if you are able took the software with you where ever you go, then its k. Here just explained how this software can be included inside the device and it helps the auto-run facility.

  15. inder says:

    sir pls send info regarding conversion of 2g idea netsetter to 3g dea netsetter. Is there any software or firmware etc…..?

  16. Anupam says:

    I have new 3g idea netsetter now i want to unlock it to use the device with other sim cards but software is not working to update the dashboard….

    Plz help me

  17. chandra yadav says:

    my idea net setter doesn’t installing properlly. and his icon not shown in my computer window .what i do .

  18. chandra yadav says:

    i hav update our dashbord

  19. mazhar says:

    m cheking sir

  20. Biju says:

    Is it possible to convert 2g idea netsetter to 3g dea netsetter. Is there any software or firmware etc…..?….Please update or email…

  21. Priyesh says:

    Sir i want to Know :
    After running this dash board i would be able to use others Sims Or not….In my Idea Nesetter E1550…Modem…..

  22. Adnan abbas says:

    imei number of my idea net setter was crashed during unlock…
    Help me please…………

  23. lakshmikanth says:

    sir i lost dashboard of idea net setter e 1732 while trying to unlocking it…even idea ikon also not showing in my computer…please help me to get it back….please………..

  24. lakshmikanth says:

    sir i lost dashboard of idea net setter e 1732 while trying to unlocking it…even idea icon also not showing in my computer…please help me to get it back….please………..

  25. john felix says:

    hello sir i am using the nirav’s customized dashboard … every time i insert the data card i need to reinstall(unistall the previous and install fresh) the idea software to connect to internet .. if i try to connect with out re-installing it says connection terminated ..

  26. satvik patel says:

    i am also lost my idea deshboard so please tell me how can i get it back.
    please sir tell me……

  27. lafiful says:

    First I run HUAWEI UTPS11.302.09.06.209.exe and remove original software. then run E155XUpdate_11.608.13.02.00.B418.exe and try to unlock, but it fail . plz help me. my model Idea net setter e 1550

  28. Abhishek says:

    Dear frn I updated a firmware of idea net setter 3g 1550 ,worked for few days now its not getting connect also it in built software is not insatlling automtically ,its showing software not found …and dashboard update is saying data card not found ..lite is blinking wat can be done plzzzz help ? soon

  29. bharathkumar says:

    guys be aware of update or free dash board.. or original dashboard.. it has Trojan virus to hack u r system, and get u r backup to hacker.. with u r personal inforamtion

  30. biranchi narayan says:

    I use idea net-setter,,i want to make phone call using idea net-setter can it possible…plz reply.

  31. praveen says:

    sir can you provide the link of idea original dashboard of e1732 v
    pls sir………….

  32. Jiteshri says:

    I have lost my idea net setter device. can we track it?

  33. Naveen jain says:

    I have an E1732, and when called through it. The voice of mine is not audible to reciever of call. Please help.
    I made call even through microphone and without but the above situation is still being carried out by net setter.

  34. raghu says:

    how to undo the upgrade…pls tell me its urgent for me…please…

  35. raghu says:

    the upgrade changes all my software components…i need the previous version of idea net setter(original) how can i get that back…

  36. PRAGEETH says:

    Dear when i am triying to change dash board i am gettig error

    the data card cant bo found error code 3
    one of the following reason may cose the error
    a, the datacard is not properly connected to the pc
    b,other programme is using the datacard
    c, you do not have the authority of the administrator

    please help how can i change software of idea netsetter e1732

  37. Rohit Chahar says:

    friends how can i remove other persons name from my Idea Net Setter software please help or give any link of software.

  38. jay says:

    while i was upgrading netsetter the process did not coplete and after that my netsetter did not show tower and its IMEI & ITS SERIAL NO ARE GONE
    please helppppppppppppppppp me what should i do???????i think i am in big trouble help me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  39. hanshir says:

    i have a new Dashboad with me but my netsetter E1550 have mobile patner have to change mobile pattner and install my new Dashbaod in my net setter E1550

    email me ……………………………………………………………………..

  40. Faisal says:


    i want to change my idea netsetter 2g (high edge/gprs mobile intenet) TO 3g idea netsetter in the same device itself..please any one help me..

  41. nikhil says:

    how to get my idea netsetter imei number i lost that?

  42. amit says:

    is it possible to change idea net setter from 2g to 3g

  43. aman says:

    how to remove mobile partner in idea e1732 device…
    in device recovery have mobile partner ,,,

    i want to change into idea software in device recovery,,

  44. pavankumar says:

    hello friends, i tried to update my idea E1550 3g net setter. but the firmware update is unsucessful. so i tried the HUAWEI_UTPS11.302.09.06.209. then the software inside the modem is changed to huawei megafone. now i want to chage it to the previous origional software. what i have to do. plese tell me. i am waiting. my mail id is

  45. Sanjeev says:

    sir,i am having mobile partner installed on idea 3g netsetter e153 bt i want it to change into the older version ie idea netsetter dashboard,if you have that idea netsetter dashboard then plz do upload it for me..
    I desperatly want to remove mobile partner from my idea netsetter
    plzzzzz sir help me out…

  46. ram yadav says:

    sir i lost dashboard of idea net setter e 1732 while trying to unlocking it…even idea ikon also not showing in my computer…please help me to get it back….please………..a

  47. rakesh says:

    i need to install idea net setter orignal dashbord software to data card, how i do it

  48. Smaran says:

    Hi Kiran, i m realy fedup by seeing Nirav names all over in my idea driver, I have an unlocked Idea netsetter.
    plz help me to replace this Nirav name with my name.
    I m waiting for ur reply.

  49. Tushar Rupela says:

    i have 3g netseter of reliance which hang after some time on using…so how can i cure it…

  50. gautam kishore says:

    i have idea net 3g net setter ,e-1732..(unlocked)
    but software is e-1559..i want to use mobile partner software…what can i do, for use mobile partner software….pls help

  51. Inna Reddy says:

    Really a good one. I did the same. worked like a camp…

  52. rasheed says:

    sir idea netsetter e303d unlock cheyyan pattumo

  53. harish says:

    i have idea setter e1550 if i put another sim means its not showing any signal and it is not asking any unlock code plzzz help me then how to unlock my modem and when i want to updating it was not updating

  54. sai says:

    sir my idea netsetter getting slow connections of 0 to 2kbps that not opening pages so, i want to update software will my idea works and gets 100kbps as it works when i brought net setter model is E1550

  55. Sagar says:

    Sir, i want to remove mobile partner software from my Idea Netsetter EG162G. and replace it with the previous original idea netsetter software..
    So what is the procedure for this…????

  56. pavan says:

    i had unlocked the e1732. using the cdma workshop 2.7 & downgrader.
    after that i had replaced the dashboard with

    i can make the calls, can access ussd. but cannot access data. i am getting the limited connectivity symbol.

    please help me….. to repair the data card.
    my original dashboard is now the mobile partner.

  57. bobby says:

    is it possible to change the software on any datacard by following d above said method ?
    mine is a taiwan made datacrd called ‘alfa network onyx 3gu’

  58. Pranab says:

    I am using idea 3G Netsetter in my HP Compaq laptop, I can make and receive video calls, but the caller cant see my cam, though I can see the callers cam.

    My webcam is working perfectly, when seen from Facebook video calls or skype video calls…

    My webcam name is HP webcam 101

    Please help….

  59. nitin says:

    i tried doing this and lost my imei number of net setter..what to do know,even idea service center people saying it cant be rectified .it is showing imei number-unkown..rply plzzzzzz

  60. shubham says:

    i have another data card can i change my software to this one

  61. Vishal says:

    kiran sir,
    I update my idea net setter in mobile partner but it not support to calling,
    when I dial no then it displayed msg call failed,,,, what can I do now for calling …

  62. Deepak says:

    Plz…Help me in unlocking idea net setter E173Du-1

  63. bhargav says:

    hi sir , i got a problem with my netsetter E1732 . whenever iam trying to connect it to my pc (windows7) it is showing”one of the usb devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned. windows does not recognize it ” . i wanted to resolve the problem , iam unable to use this modem. please help me in resolving this pbm……

  64. rauf says:

    my modem is huawei e303d (idea) how can i unlock it.
    please help me..

  65. nizam says:

    Dear Sir, Pls help me to unlock my net setter and help me to usefull my net setter problem is when use this and link this to pc the show for register it and try to register but show pls check network availability what cause
    my net setter is locked due to change sim card without unlocking it…
    now what i can do for using it…????

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