Our cute Bunny, the rabbit..

Yesterday my dear sister asked me..

Why is your bunny  always running??? Why are you  not trying to catch him???”

Actually she was not the only one asking this question to me. My friends, relatives and even my mom and dad had asked me the same question.

I replayed with a smile “My dear.. Now a  days he is very busy. He has a lot of work to do. He is the solution to all problems. The amazing fact is that the students as well as professionals from all over the country are going to love him and will soon depend on him for their work”

She sat near me and continued…”But he was not like this before. He was a lazy one right???

I remembered our bunny’s past.

Yep…Our bunny was indeed very lazy.

We (Oh! I forgot to tell, Bunny has 5 owners including me and my four friends )got him from the forest . He was wounded by a cruel fox. From then on he was with us as our cute friend.

His  favorite food is carrot. He used his little hands only for eating. He was always in a dream world. I thought that he was lazy. But later I realized that he was not dreaming. He was planning something. He was always thinking about  how to help others, how to entertain others, how to tell others that it was so easy to earn money………….

Recently he started becoming very energetic and began to spent more time outside his world of dreams. He started to run here and there and was having great fun all the time .

Now we are introducing him to the world. Yes dudes. Keep him as your best friend. Don’t leave him. He will become a daily need of your life.

Hey,Look at him…He is cute na???

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A lazy B-tech student. Hobby is surfing. A great fan of google.

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  1. Vote -1 Vote +1habi

    introduction with the bunny is fantastic!

  2. Vote -1 Vote +1akhilbabu

    well donnn bunny…

  3. Vote -1 Vote +1Surya

    its a superb idea…:-) cngrats

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