Play NFS MW online without EA servers

Nfs Wost Wanted

Nfs Wost Wanted

NFS MW has always been the best game ever to come out from the nfs franchise. People all over the world still play it even though more advanced versions of nfs are available in the market. But playing with AI again and again can become very boring. As most of us are having cracked and patched versions of this game, we are not able to use EA servers to play multiplayer online. After some intensive googling i came across this little software that allows us to create a virtual network and thus play mw without having to log into EA servers( not hamachi or such vpn softwares). This is very handy if you want to play mw with your friends where LAN cannot be used. The software displays russian and some unsupported characters. So i’ve made a walkthrough with screenshots to make it easy for you.

here is the link

NOTE ::::password for the rar file is “comma”

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basil roy, doing B.Tech in MACE,Kothamangalam...S1Eb

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