Here are the top 5 blockbuster movies of mammootty. The movies are selected on the basis of the box-office collection, year, no of days run and the records set by them. All the 5 films entered this list as the broken the collection records.

1.  Oru CBI Diary Kurippu

In 1988 Mammootty delivered one of the biggest hits in the history of Malayalam Cinema with his Oru CBI Diary Kurippu. Oru CBI Diary Kurippu went on to create box-office history in Kerala as well as in Tamil Nadu.

Mammootty’s role as a CBI officer in this film got him critical acclaim. Following the success of the first CBI film Oru CBI Diary Kurippu, three more murder mystery sequels were produced with the same cast of characters: Jagratha (1989), Sethurama Iyer CBI (2004) and Nerariyan C.B.I (2005), all directed by K Madhu, penned by S.N. Swamy with Mammootty as Sethurama Iyer, an intelligent but unassuming CBI officer. All CBI films were super hits at box-office.

Oru CBI Diary Kurippu still holds the record of most ran Malayalam film outside kerala, it ran a year in Safire, the flagship theatre of the Vecumsees group (now defunct),Madras(now chennai) . Intresting fact is that no mammootty films (not even CBI) ran that much n kerala.

CBI collection in TVM was 15 Lakhs in 151 days two centers.This is the first film in malayalam cinema history to run for four weeks Regular shows in 2 theatres. Movie collected 14 lakhs from EKM as published by NANA

2.  New Delhi

For a short while during mid 80’s, Mammooty saw his career in a decline. Many of his films during this period saw him portraying very stereotypical roles as a family man or a businessman. Nearly 10 of his movies bombed at the box-office in a row. He even thought of stopping his career. Mammootty made an unbelievable comeback with New Delhi. It broke all the collection records.  Mammootty regained his stardom again with the help of this faboulus movie.

New Delhi was the most important movie in his life as an actor. His portrayal of a victimized journalist, who systematically took revenge on politicians who flattered him, was noticed and well accepted by the masses. Movie ran well in Kerala Box office and Tamil nadu also. In Kerala, it ran more than 150 days breaking the collection records till date. It was the biggest Hit of 1987.

The most important impact of the film was that he became ‘Mega Star’ From ‘Super Star’. Then onwards he was called so. Nana was the first magazine to do so.

3.  Hitler

Hitler(1996) was the first movie produced by lal creations and directed by famous director siddique and was released in 1996, vishu festival days. The story is a fast pace one with many twists and turns which introduces Mammootty as a protective brother of five younger sisters. Mammootty portrays an excellent wide range of emotions from an action figure to the ever loving brother.

Mammootty received big appreciations from masses and classes for his brilliant performance in this movie. Movie got released in 35 centers and completed 75 days in all these centers; it was a record at that time. Hitler is the first movie in which completed 100 days in 13 release stations in the history of Malayalam cinema. Hitler broken the record of “The King”, 1995 and become the biggest grosser in the history of Malayalam cinema. Hitler is the only movie grossed more than 14 crores in the Kerala film history, in 1996. Mammootty’s Hitler shirts were big fashion among the youths at that time. Movie ran 150 days in Trivandrum, Dhanya and Ernakulam, Shenais. Hitler ran 150 days in 5 release stations, it was a record at that time. The record set by Hitler was broken by Mohanlal’s Narasimham, 4 years later.

4.  Rajamanikyam

Rajamanikyam(2005) is a Malayalam movie directed by Anwar Rasheed and starring megastar Mammootty in the lead role. It tells the story of Bellary Raja alias Rajamanikyam who tries to unite his warring siblings (a step brother & a half sister). Released during Ramzan 2005, the movie became a swashbuckling hit. The movie got good initial collection and high class collection in long run. It is the presently the biggest hit in Malayalam, just below 20-20.

This high voltage film has taken fantastic opening all across kerala from the 41 prints released. Mammootty’s performance with the Thiruvananthapuram language is taken extremely well with the audience who are repeatedly seeing the film and making it a mega hit. Additional shows were arranged in a number of theaters all across the major cities of Kerala
Finally movie collected a total of nearly 1 crore 9 lakhs gross, 47 lakhs share from Mohan lal’s citadel. thiruvananthapuram. Movie collected nearly 1 crore 14 lakhs and a share of Rs 50 Lakhs from Kavitha in Ernakulam, Mammootty’s lucky theatre. In Calicut, Movie grossed nearly 1 crore 4 lakhs. The film, still holding the record of grossing more than 3 crores from kerala’s three main cities and movie ran more than 100 days in 10+ centres. Movie crossed 55 days in 43 release stations and it was a big record in the history of Malayalam cinema at that time. This is the second biggest grosser of Malayalam film industry just behind twenty – 20 by grossing 6 million dollars at box office, i.e., 27 crores, surpassing the record of Mohanlal’s Narasimham(18 cr) .

5.  The King

The King, scripted by Renji Panikkar, was released in 1995 and was directed by Shaji Kailas. Mammootty played the central character as a District collector. On those days movie created waves in kerala box office. This is the first movie released in more than 40 centers in the history of Malayalam cinema.

Electrifying performance and dialogues from mammootty attracted huge crowd. It was the only best movie for classes and masses at that year. The King broken the box office record of Malayalam film industry and become biggest grosser of Malayalam history in 1995.

King collected more than Mohanlal flick, spadikam which is the second highest hit in 1995. The King ran more than 100 days in 7 theaters in kerala with huge crowd. Movie got more collection in Trivandrum, Dhanya and Ernakulam, Shenais.

It collected more than 12 crores surpassing the record set by Mohanlal’s Manichithrathazhu(1993).

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