MOCK PRESS-Sanskriti 11

You sit down in your couch and watch Arnab Goswami throttle out his throat in all its glory at a poor politician who, out of pure shamelessness and with utter foolishness, took a small amount from a small time business man. A simple question he asked.

“You politicians blame a media syndicate by claiming that exploiting the sense of negativity in an individual’s mindset is the sound foundation on which modern day news media is firmly basing its ideologies. Along with pointing out the pointlessness of your classes claims, I would also like you bring into your notice that there is a crowd waiting to here the lame justification that you would give them for this undignified act of folly that you have publicly disembarked. So mister, answer me, where do politicians of today set the benchmark for levels of decency and decorum?”

And you though it was easy being the man on T.V. Well, we’d like to see how you would react if you were the man in this poor mans shoe. Don’t worry, though not as pointlessly irritating as the likes of modern news journalists, we too have a bunch of out of their mind kiddos, who will find immense pleasure in eating your head while your on stage. Be ready, its gonna be a whacky ride.


* Mock Press is an individual event.

* Any number of students can participate from a college.

* Written Quiz will be conducted to screen the participants to the final stage.

Prelims will be conducted on the first day. Those who qualify for the finals can draw the lots to choose the personality.

Final will be conducted on the second day. It will be of two stages.

Both the stages evaluate the contestant’s knowlegde about the allotted personality and their sense of humour.

First stage

* This is similar to a Group Discussion. A situation will be given to all participants.

All of them have to impersonate the celebrity allotted to them, at the same time.

Second stage

* In this stage the participants will be interviewed by a mock press.

Providing correct answers in a humourous way will do the trick.

* Performances will be evaluated by an expert panel and their dicission will be final.

Rights of the organizer committee:

* The organisers reserve the right to make changes to any of the above in the interest of fair play and sportsmanship,

and to ensure that all competitors have an enjoyable competition.

* In the event of ambiguity, the organisers’ interpretation of any clauses of the rules shall prevail.

For more details contact Abin Mathew Abraham-9447514133

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