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Wordpress pluginsWordPress is a very famous blogging platform as well as there are so many sites powered by wordpress. WordPress basically has a framework and theme that fits into the framework. The framework forms allthe basic functionalities of wordpress including article posting, comment management, content management. The theme takes care of the design of the site. Additional functionalies are provided by plugins. When installing plugins you have to be carefull that if any compatibility issues happen between the plugins the whole site may go down. The main two problems observed when installing plugins are

1)    The new plugin doesn’t work

As a remedy to this problem, when installing a new plugin, DO NOT active it from that link that says you can activate it after it has been successfully installed. Activate it by viewing the Installed Plugins. Sometimes activating a newly installed plugin not from the listing can create a problem. A plugin is composed of several components that have to work individually. The function to install it may not fully activate all the necessary components for that particular plugin. It is always best to “Activate” a plugin via the List of Installed Plugins that you can find in the admin panel.

2)    The plugin works but there is now something wrong with your website

The Plugin editor isn’t working properly or the front of your website is could be messed up or some of the existing plugins are now not working properly. If after you’ve installed a new plugin other functions on your site is no longer working properly, deactivate the new plugin. It may not be playing well with the already installed plugins. If you’ve purchased the plugin, send a support note to the creator. If it was a freebie, you can try to get support from the creator as well or visit the official plugin site where there should be a support forum or the ability to write to the plugin author.

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