Benefits of wordpress over blogger

benefits of wordpress over blogger

Owning your blog

With wordpress you can own your blog and run it under a domain name. You can take complete ownership of your blog and if you are using wordpress but with blogger the blog is actually owned by google and you are only a person write posts. This is one of the main benefits of wordpress over blogger.

Branding your Site

When you blog under a domain name and use wordpress as self-hosted site you can take complete control of the entire site leaving no evidences that its just a simple blog. If you do it under blogger visitors can easily identify that its blogger and it throws a bad image on your branding.

Backup your blog

With blogger its there are chances that your blog gets hacked or accidently you delete you blog. But with self-hosted wordpress you always have a backup of your files and database and so in any case of failure, crash or  intrusion you can very well restore your entire site from your backup.

Blog categories

One of the main disadvantages of blogger is that it does not allow categories. WordPress allows categories and and you visitors can view the posts that fall into a category separately. Visitors can also subscribe to feeds on category basis. With wordpress you can create any number of catrgories and subcategories as you wish.

Custom plugin

You can tweak your wordpress site how much ever you want by using additional plugins. Most of the plugins that ordinary bloggers need are free on You can simply download the plugin and install it into your blog and there is no need of any coding required.


WordPress always stores your data in an open XML format so that you can easily tranfer it to other WordPress blogs or any other content management system. But this is not the case with blogger which acts like a closed system. It uses a proprietary XML file type to store your posts. Thus moving your content from blogger to different content managment system or to a different site requires time-consuming and complicated file conversions.

Migration from blogger

As mentioned above migration from blogger to anyother content management system is difficult but wordpress accepts content from blogger easily. This will work perfeclty well if the content in blogger is less. Due to these Benefits of wordpress over blogger many people migrate from blogger to wordpress


You can get lots of themes for wordpress. You can tweak your themes to the fullest if you know PHP and CSS. If not you can get i done by freelancers. Or else you can make your own theme in CSS and integrate wordpress into it.


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